About Me

I live in a tiny cottage in rural Suffolk, with my husband and our border terrier Katy. I work as a dog trainer and part-time book-keeper. When I am not working I love writing, gardening, baking, reading and walking Katy in the beautiful countryside around our cottage.

Anyone who has known me for a while will know that I love a challenge. Every few years I like to throw everything up in the air and see where it lands.

In the past I have quit secure jobs to go travelling; in 2004 I left a fantastic job as a magazine editor to realise my dream of starting a publishing company with a friend; and, most recently, after nearly 20 years in the wonderful world of magazine journalism, the time was right to move on again. I decided to fulfil a long-held ambition to work with animals and I qualified as a dog trainer in November 2014.

So, yes, I see life as an adventure; it is for dreaming big dreams and planning exciting plans; it is also for following the path that makes those dreams and plans a reality.

I had plans and dreams for 2015… but they didn’t include being diagnosed with breast cancer. But I have been and so, at the age of 51, this is my latest challenge, and one which I have no choice but to face head on.



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Sally I do hope you are getting through the treatment and seeing a light beaming at the end of the tunnel. You may remember me, I am Linette’s school friend Maryia, we met at Nina’s interment. I have been where you are and reading your messages has helped me face up to some of my past that I had buried pretty deeply so thank you for that.
    Thinking of you and sending very positive healing thoughts to you, best wishes, M x

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    1. Hello, Maryia. How lovely to see your comment. I do remember you from Nina’s memorial.
      Thank you for your kind words. So pleased my blog has helped you. The mental and emotional side to this disease is just as hard to deal with as the physical, isn’t it?
      I am having my final chemo next Wednesday, so I can see the light at the end of that particular dark tunnel. I will be having some radiotherapy, which will start in a few weeks, but I feel the worst of the treatment is over.
      I haven’t blogged here for a while, so your message has prompted me to come back. I will try to write a new post soon!
      Sending you much love. Sally x


      1. Hi Sally, I am assuming you have finished the chemo now….well done isn’t it good when it’s done and if you are anything like me your hair will be noticeably growing straight away, it really is hard losing it but great once it grows back and the first hair cut (a while away yet) is a very special moment.
        Compared to chemotherapy radiotherapy was a walk in the park for me – of course there were days when I just needed to get there and back home as quickly as possible to lounge around and catch up with the tiredness. I had all of my treatments at St Barts in the city and with my good friend I made a tour of city churches, it was good to have a ‘project’ and because it was during the run up to Christmas I could really appreciate the beauty of all the decorations.
        Once all my treatment was finished I joined a group run by one of the wonderful physiotherapists for cancer patients, it was very useful talking with other people who totally understood what had happened, if you get a chance for something similar you may want to consider joining.
        Didn’t Linette look beautiful at James’s wedding?
        Take care and good luck for the rest of your treatment, much love Maryia x


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