28th July

Today is a day to treasure; a final day of freedom; the last few precious hours before my next chemo treatment tomorrow.

A chemotherapy regime is a relentless series of steep downs and not very big ups; a really rubbish rollercoaster ride in the Cancerland theme park. As soon as you are feeling better from one treatment, and the horror of it is fading in your memory, the next one rears its ugly head and knocks you flat again. It is enough to test the mettle of any canceree.

There is a temptation to pack as much as I can into the run-up to chemo, to make the most of my time before the next soul-sapping onslaught. Many of the nasty side effects have abated over the last week or so, and my energy level is about as high as it gets in my current cancerous state of health. However, I have learned the hard way that doing too much is far from wise. What would have been a perfectly normal day’s activities for my ‘old self’ has proven far too much for the new me, and renders me exhausted the following day.

I will need to call on my fuel reserves to cope with spending the day at the hospital tomorrow,  so I paced myself today. A little reading, a little writing, a short, slow walk with our dog over the fields surrounding us, and that was sufficient.

My husband and I are lucky enough to live in a lovely part of the country, on the Essex/Suffolk border. We have a tiny cottage, but it has big skies and beautiful views all around. Even when I am not well enough to get out and about, I can still relish the rural idyll from my bedroom balcony, in the company of a cup of coffee and a good book.



6 thoughts on “28th July

  1. Absolutely stunning spot and a bedroom balcony – simply wonderful. Coffee and a good book – hard to beat. You know the drill, calm before the storm and I am so pleased you are able to enjoy those few precious moments before the next batch of treatment. Lovely to hear from you and I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Cyber hug is on the way. Take the best care of yourself that you are able to and regards to your husband Janet x

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  2. Hope it goes well tomorrow, a vast improvement on last time. Great that your lovely home, not to mention husband and dog, gives you so much positivity and calm. Xxx


  3. That is a lovely view indeed! I hope that you had a lovely & relaxing day before…
    I know what those days feel like. When you are at your strongest and just starting to feel like yourself again.Then we have to go to the hospital to be knocked back down again. I had chemo yesterday and I am trying to remember how strong I felt the day before, how much I did, and how delicious everything tasted because in 6-13 days that is how I will feel again.
    I hope that you feel better soon xxx

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