11th May

“The power within you is greater than the problem in front of you”    Anon

Two weeks ago today I had the operation to remove a tumour from my left breast. Tomorrow I get the results of the tests on that tumour, which will tell me what type of cancer it is and what treatment is needed.

This evening I feel like I am standing in the middle of the road, with a 40-ton truck heading towards me. I don’t know if the truck will swerve or hit me.

As I was being wheeled along towards the operating theatre a fortnight ago, I repeated the above mantra in my mind, over and over again. I am doing the same this evening.



5 thoughts on “11th May

  1. Keep on saying it. Remember we are with you , you friends far and wide, our collective love and strength being sent to you xxxx


  2. I absolutely love your mantra ♡ I am in that same place now, I was due to get my results back yesterday but after a delay with them I now need to wait another week – it feels like torture, but there’s nothing I can do but wait (like you say, cancer seems to be all about waiting).
    I wish you well with your treatment and have read with interest your blogs as you vocalise many of the thoughts and emotions that I have been having – I look forward to continuing to read them.
    Kindest regards, Allie

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