A Few Words about Labels

You may find yourself wondering why I called my blog The Cheerful Canceree. There are many labels that get attached to people with cancer. I don’t really identify with any of them:

 Victim – never

Sufferer – I hope not

Patient – only when I am in hospital

Survivor – too early to say

I didn’t want to wear anyone else’s label so I plumped for creating my own. I call myself a canceree – someone who is experiencing cancer, someone to whom cancer is being done.

I hope this doesn’t look like I am defining my whole being in terms of the disease. Far from it. I am still very much me with cancer as a mere add-on, but it does inevitably play a huge part in one’s life while one is going through it. The label ‘canceree’ sits well with me and, for the time being, feels right.

Oh, and the cheerful part? I am, and sincerely hope to remain, a cheerful person. It may not be my go-to emotion all the time over the coming weeks, but it will remain my favourite one.


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