A Few Words about This Blog

It has taken me a surprisingly long time to publish this blog. I have been writing posts for it more or less since my diagnosis with breast cancer a few weeks ago but, for some reason, I dithered, delayed and debated with myself about whether to put it online.

I use the word ‘surprisingly’ because, until quite recently, I’d spent nearly 20 years as a magazine journalist and editor so I am accustomed to writing for publication, both in print and online. But writing about having cancer is different. This time it’s personal, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about going public with something so private. Eventually I took the plunge and here we are.

There will be something of an avalanche of posts initially. For that I apologise! Once I have caught up with myself, who knows how often I will post. It may be little and often, fast and furious, now and again… we’ll see.

Writing has always helped me crystalise and clarify my thoughts. Amidst the chaos of feelings that surround my cancer diagnosis, believe me I need all the clarity I can get.


7 thoughts on “A Few Words about This Blog

  1. Well done Hon very proud of you. Beautifully written and I’m pleased you’ve done it. Dear friend we’ve known each other over 30 yrs and been through some Crap, we’ll get through this. Love always xx

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  2. I hope your blog brings you as much joy, healing and connectivity as mine has! It’s hard to put our inner thoughts out there, but others really appreciate it when you do. All the best! I look forward to reading more.
    Kate x


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